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I'm cynthia blackwell

Are you READY for EXPLOSIVE Success? 

Try and Fail but don't fail to try!
I absolutely love this quote! Why? Because I let fear stop me too many times and have scars and stories to tell. Until I realized I have to... 
Plan to receive explosive success! How? By creating a plan (Roadmap) and then preparing for it to come.
I know, easier said than done. Trust me, I struggled too. But then I discovered the secret I hadn't noticed... the magical power of the number 3. So I wrote a book that is packed with simple-to-follow tips with the number 3. Think about it! It's everywhere, and we already leverage it. (me, myself, I)
Curious? Want more? Download Chapter 3 (The 3 Brains) for FREE! 

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Planning and Preparing to Receive Success! 

everyone has a big~inning

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the results 

I guarantee you will achieve explosive success. How can I make such a bold statement? Because I have been you, have worked with you, and know it is possible. I pinky swear, promise!
The 1st step is to take action!
Pick what's best for YOU:
1) get a copy of The Magical Power of 3
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It's that easy!

Get started now!

I want to achieve Success!!!

What's in it for YOU?

We are all busy and want what we need RIGHT NOW!  

The "3" topics of focus:
1) Building stronger, meaningful relationships
2) Get more done in a day - be more productive 
3) Feel accomplished, successful, and happier

It's ALL for YOU and about YOU!!!





My Struggle & discovery

It was a struggle for me to achieve the level of success I wanted. That is until I discovered the magic of the number 3, wrote a book about HOW simple and easy it is to leverage it's power to achieve EXPLOSIVE Success!!!

The Magical Power of 3 is filled with simple and easy to follow tips that deliver incredible results. Life Changing! 

For the cost of "3" cups of coffee you could get started! 

YOU got this! Take action NOW!!!

Or, not ready, it's okay. Let's get to know each other on social or download Chapter 3 - the 3 Brains. Chat soon! 

~ Cynthia  

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Success Coaching

guaranteed results  

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"I stopped struggling"

I choose who I work with and what projects best fit my life. And it all began when I made the decision to work with Cynthia! Now I know HOW to pursue healthy business to support my business growth. 


"My morning routine sets me up for success"

I love my morning routine now! My habits now set me up to experience a fantastic day each and every day. Cynthia has helped me to create what will work for me and the importance of accountability. 





"Captures the Essence of Success Ingredients" 3 reasons to read this book:
1) Captures the necessary ingredients to build your success
2) Let’s you see how things like accountability, or focus on execution apply to your current and future roles
3) The tone reminds you that enthusiasm is contagious - so spread some to your circle to build a success network.


"Easy to implement" The concept of focusing on the power of three has really been a life changer for me. I always seem to have so many things going on and it’s hard to focus. Cynthia really helps by putting things in perspective. I have found that focusing on the magic three in all areas of my life has really been key to my success! It is a Must read ❤️


"Get ready for Tough Love"  10 out of 10 would recommend Cynthia to any group or individual working towards becoming a better leader and professional. Get ready for some tough love, though, because she keeps it real! You will achieve incredible results and experience success like never before. 

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Overcome obstacles and Limiting Beliefs

  • ​I don't believe I can or that I deserve it. 
  • I don't have the right people or resources.
  • I don't know where to begin. 

You are NOT alone! I felt the same way! But, here's what I discovered: I was wrong!!! I can achieve incredible success. I changed my belief system and began to experience some success. But I wanted MORE! So, I went searching for the BEST TEMPLATE or example. I found one I liked and created my first Roadmap (plan) and vision board.

Change your belief system to "YES, I can"!

The Magical Power of 3 - Roadmap to Success, Wealth & Happiness

I want it and deserve it!

  • ​Roadmap: your plan to succeed & receive
  • Self-Awareness: leverage your personality
  • Accountability Partners: tribe of support

Success Tips that INSPIRE action and INFLUENCE success habits. 

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